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Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

Bryce Canyon National Park, UT


"Dear Osprey...

I thought that living with the land had changed me, but maybe, just maybe, it simply shed an outer layer of me. The modern skin I had stepped into based on my urban surroundings had melted away. Instead of changing me, I realized that living with the land offered me the chance to change the way I viewed myself. It offered me the chance to see my true center, the calm, loving energy that had been there all along."

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Six Tips to Running a Rock Solid Business from the Road

"Although transformative, the reality is — running a business from the road is not easy. You have to hustle hard, commit to being adaptive, give up days of hiking in search of Wi-Fi, and continue to stay connected to your clients. Here are the top six tips on how I made it possible."

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Hiking Culture: Lessons from One Woman's Journey Hiking 12 US National Parks

"I was a fairly inexperienced hiker prior to embarking on the trip, only having 2-3 successful long hikes under my belt, and my only physical training was doing yoga and attending SoulCycle classes 2-3x per week. I gained confidence each day on the trail and by the end of the summer, I conquered my longest hike in one day: 17 miles with 4,000ft of elevation change in 9 hours in Yosemite National Park, CA."

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Kayla Clements - Business on the Road

That’s when Kayla created her own design studio. It was only February of last year. The cool part is, after a few months of booking clients, she took off across America for sixty days to work and travel National Parks at the same time. Work became anywhere quiet and with wifi. Usually, that meant the nearest public library, each morning. In the afternoon she would return to National Parks to hike and explore.

When asked what was the best part about her trip, Kayla said, “The perspective that I re-gained by being outdoors. I was able to completely shed stress, re-center, and reconnect to what is important - a true work-life balance.”

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Community Feature - Kayla Clements

What did your creative process look like in making this project?

"It has been a complete labor of love. I have spent about four months working on this project full-time in the following stages:

Writing – 4 weeks, Photo Editing – 4 weeks, Proofreading – 3 weeks, Book Design – 8 weeks, Printer Sourcing – 4 weeks, Website Design – 1 week, Video production – 2 weeks, Crowdfunding campaign set-up – 3 weeks."

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Kayla | From Marketer to Artist Curator


1. Be honest. Be positive. Be humble. Be kind. Be here. These are the words I live by.

2. Get rid of imposter syndrome. I still have it and remind myself often that we’re all just trying to figure this thing called life out.

3. Prepare to think of creative ways to hustle. I started planning more events and parties to bring people together.

4. Facilitating mutually beneficial connections brings good karma and allows you to add value.

5. When in a rut, go outside. I feel the most like a human being when I am connected to nature.

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