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Daytripper The Book


A woman-written, thoughtfully-designed coffee table book exploring vivid photographs and compelling stories INSPIreD BY 60 DAYS Of #VANLIFE.



Book Features

•  7.5" x 9.5"
• 150+ Full-Color Pages
• Soft-touch Paperback Cover
• Silver Foil on Cover
• Perfect Bound

• Interior Pages on Recycled Paper
• Printed locally in the United States
• A portion of every sale will go back to supporting protection of our National Parks

Daytripper Media Kit_v46.jpg

Sample Pages

Stories include our car’s set-up, what gear we packed, how we set-up camp each evening, favorite (& most eventful) hikes, animal sightings, etc. I aimed to share not only the photographs, but the experiences from the day hikes where we struggled to get to the trail end. The hikes presented challenges and the lessons learned became profound. The trail is where all of our most memorable experiences happened and where I most connected to myself. Every step provided me an opportunity of growth and reflection, not only physically but mentally.



PRINTERPrimary Color

Based in Los Angeles, CA

PAPERMohawk Fine Paper

Based in New York, NY

BOOK DESIGN: Una Volta Studio

Based in Brooklyn, NY / San Diego, CA


I am committed to protecting our National Parks. A portion of every book sale will go back towards supporting the National Park Foundation. Find out more about the conservation efforts and programs the NPF supports here



Project Timeline

One year has been dedicated to writing, editing, designing, proofing, and print producing this book. I had two prototypes made prior to my crowdfunding campaign in Feb/March 2018 which raised over $5,500. The first run of 150 limited-edition books went to press in April 2018.

Daytripper Media Kit_v48.jpg

Completed Phases:

• Writing
• Proofreading
• Photo Editing
• Book Design
• Printer Sourcing
• Website Design
• Trip Video with Original Music
• Campaign Launches
• Campaign Closes
• Print Production
• Shipping

Launch Party

The book made its debut at The Art of Freelance showcase in Los Angeles, CA on January 20, 2018. The author, Kayla Clements, showcased the book along with the trip video and prints of the National Parks. 


Design Upgrades

With a background in print production, I am incredibly detail-oriented about the print quality and design of the book. I want the finished book to be something you and your guests can experience, rather than just something you can read. I have consulted with both my printer in LA and my connection at Mohawk Paper about some design upgrades that can be added to the book if we sell over 1,000 books. This is ideally how I would like the book to be printed. 

Daytripper Media Kit_v49.jpg


COVER: A beautiful paper with a thicker, suede texture. Mohawk Paper’s Curious Collection includes the appropriately-named Cosmic Cover, Mercury Pearl. This paper invites you to travel with its milky, suede-like texture that your guests will admire as they pick the book up from your coffee table.

BINDING: The highest quality bookbinding, a lay-flat Smythe Sewn binding allowing you to see the full dimensions of the full-color photographs inside.

PAPER: The full interior of the book printed on 100% PCW recycled paper. My original goal was to print all books this way. Due to the high cost of the recycled paper, help me hit this benchmark and we can make this happen using Mohawk’s 100# Options Vellum Text (100% PCW). Otherwise, the book will still be printed on Mohawk’s Everyday Digital 10% PCW recycled paper. 



Book Orders

I am offering book orders exclusively through my website. Along with first-edition copies of the book, you can order 4x6 or 8x10 signed and matted prints perfect to decorate your home or office or to gift to the national park enthusiast in your life.


CONTACT - Wholesale & MEDIA

For wholesale and media inquires, I can be reached directly at